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Another of one those apps that doesnt solve a real problem. Will only work when phone is on (doesnt have any background capability) which doesnt help me. Is it for use in a car? Why? When more or less every car has a GPS navi built in!

.....no doubt the best.....!!!!

5 +1 stars

A must have!

I love this app. No problems at all.

10 out of 5

By far the best thing out there!!

Not accurate

I have compared this speedometer with 3 different ones, and this one always shows a higher speed than the other speedometers (approx 3-4 km/h). I tested this when traveling on a straight highway with cruise control on. Otherwise I really like the simple Interface.


Tested against other apps, phones and a new Garmin. This app reads about 5% higher than the Garmin, my other phone and other apps on the same phone. All the other apps I tried where fine. Just this one was screwed up

Not close to a Speedometer.

It doesnt work at all. I tried it in my uncles car, sat at 0 km/h

Best app around

It is worth every penny.

the one

I think its really cool.

Say Cheese!

What else, this baby can do?))

Really cool!

Really useful app.. .


Really useful app.. .

Not accurate

Overall not bad app but off 3-5 mph. Even with cruise control on speed was up and down between 3-5 mph

Very useful!!

Very useful app! Incredibly simple, and no ads! Suggestions that I have for the developer: • Have a compass that switches when tapped, between a letter with the current sub-cardinal direction, or a standard rotating compass rose, and maybe a third tap to hide. • Have an option, especially for HUD mode, to maximise the numbers to the screen (or do this automatically in landscape mode) for easier reading and usefulness of HUD mode. If possible, a feature to force landscape mode would make this even more useful! • There is also a slight bug I found in HUD mode: swiping up/down to change brightness, though HUD mode is always at maximum brightness regardless, still sets standard mode brightness in the background. The vertical swiping should be disabled in HUD mode. Overall a very simple but useful app!! =3 ~Kat

Displayed speed ~5% higher

I liked it at first, but I soon realized that the displayed speed is ~5% higher than the actual speed. It has some cool features, but if the speed reading is not accurate, whats the point?


The speedometer was reading 4 miles an hour less than the actual speed. Accuracy is everything in a speedometer so this is junk.

Was great....

I longboard and I loved this app for tracking high speeds and seeing current speeds. However, it doesnt make it clear when it is tracking your speed and sometimes I get to the bottom to find out it didnt track anything at all. Now I cant get it to track my speed ever. So sad.

Doesnt work!!!

Only gave it one star because thats as low as it can go. The app will turn on, but nothing will work using an iPhone 5s

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